Swan Valley

There is a vast difference between cultivating Swan Valley wine grapes and table grapes, but both ventures are declared to be in decline by some of the urbanists, however, their claims that the Swan Valley is condemned, are simply not true.

The reality is that the region of the Valley table grapes in production have doubled in the past 15 years, and the volume of Swan Valley wine grapes has remained a consistent acreage. There was one winery in around 1860, this has increased from 15 to 40 over the past 15 years.

Loads of people visit and enjoy a wine tasting, however, the increase in visitation contributes to a small variety of business whilst the main industry that provides the ambience that folk adore with grapes vines is steadily compromised, particularly in regions around the urban fringe. This has opened up an opportunity for a viticulturist to take advantage of. There are many ideas that have not been taken up, as yet, such as value adding; i.e. making fruit/grape jam and preserves, a fruit stall in the summer, a cafe amongst the vines, tours of grapevines explaining the varieties and types of grapes, and cool storage of fruit for winter sales, as ideas.